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First, we are glad to see that the idea of sleeping outside and going for a few days journey is tickling inside you.


we gathered a few tips from our experience, just that the first time will be as positive as possible  


1. Make it easy:

Don't forget that you want to understand if you can sleep outside at night. the journeys will come soon, don't worry. 

so choose a 100km-120km ride. 60km max for each day, start at the after-noon and camp yourself not late than 8pm,

2. Light packing:

Don't pack all the house. only the regular gear you would take for an evening ride plus yoga mattress and sleeping bag.  roll them together and tight to your Handlebar

3. Bring a friend:

At night, outside in the woods, alone,  can be a bit scary and if someone will join you, you will earn a great evening together, with a beer, a camp and less scary night

4. Not too cold, not too Hot:

Sleeping at night or riding at day can take you to opposite weather conditions so check what will be the weather at night and at day, few days before, and prepare with the right cloth

5. Food and Drink:

You are going for a few hours ride X 2 days, so pack only what you need and try to choose a track with gas stations in the middle and close to your resting spot, so you wont need to carry everything

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What Should I take?

This is the best and worst question to ask because you'll get different answers from anyone you'll ask it but lets try to make it simple:

For 2 days: mattress, sleeping bag, small power bank, cables for your: watch, GPS, etc, water, food, creams for your butt and skin, biking cloth, regular tools, flashlight, chain lube, hand pump

For 3-4 days: same as above, bigger power bank, option to recharge your flashlight, spare tube, another set of socks, after biking cloth, option to carry more water and food - if needed

after going for 3-4 days ride, you'll find out what you missed and what you don't need

The longest Day

The longest Day event is the perfect bikepacking adventure for all of you who want to feel how is it to ride the P2P but in less scale.

There are 2 Longest Day events each year: in May and September and we hope to see you there with us.

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17.09.20 event:

Day 1 GPX file

Day 2 GPX file

Marble Surface

2 days rides

We gathered some great 2 days rides for you so download the file, check the stats and start a new adventure