P2P Middle Earth

Naharia - Tel Aviv

3 Days full of adventures

2 nights in special resting zones

and 1 you!

In this special challenge each bikepacker starts at anytime he wants, on the date of the event, riding 63km and climbing 1700m until reaching the resting zone in Biriya with all the other bikepackers for a night full of stories, beer and relaxing evening.

The day after, each biker will ride 120km next to marvelous lake, forest and rivers until reaching the next resting zone, finding there all the riders he met at the night before.

On the last day of the event, a long long path will take us, after 90km, to the big city of Tel Aviv

A perfect ride for all of us who want to try bikepacking but afraid sleeping alone or if you just want 3 days of living and breathing nature and freedom




meters of elevation


resting zones


that is you!


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