P2P South Edition

Eilat - Lehavim

The Southern edition is part of the main "P2P Discover Israel" challenge.


In this part of the journey we will take you from "Eilat" the most southerly city in Israel to the middle of the desert, finding there mysterious rocks, mountains of sand, long amazing single tracks and panoramic view of sunset in the middle of no where.


If you are looking after a real desert adventure, this one is made for you!     

It is an annual challenge taking place at the beginning of April and is an alternative for the P2P North, if the weather conditions aren't favorable (Rain within a week prior to the date).

P2P South/North
Apr 01, 2021, 7:00 AM
Depends the weather




meters of elevation


resting zones


that is you!


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Point to Point (P2P) – A self-supported social mountain bike challenge, crossing Israel in a unique trail and atmosphere, full of mystery, experience, difficulty and fun. Take your gear and prepare yourself for a race never ridden before!


So, where does “social” fit in a self-supported event? We want to give something different, something that will change the nighttime experience and help riders overcome their difficulties. That’s why we split the track to segments.


Some of the resting points are near a forest, the others close to a village, and only at these points bikers can stop and rest. While resting they can meet other riders, maybe even prepare a fire together and have a beer and help each other fixing the bike. When the race continues, you're on your own, each one with his own struggle.


You don’t have to stop at every point while riding but you must choose in which point you want to rest, and only there.


Each participant must follow 3 Rules:

  1. Biking solely on route.

  2. The race takes place on segments only, your can ride with friends as well!

  3. You can help other riders while staying at resting points, and only there.

While drawing the route, we stick to the following guide lines:

  1. Optimize weather

  2. Route is MTB friendly

  3. 5-7 days estimation

  4. Easy to reach starting & ending points

  5. XC, singles, and the most beautiful sites Israel has to offer